Thursday, September 26, 2013

bucket list

Bucket List Poems
1. things I wanted to
do is to go skydiving
and see the earths view

2. What my future car
is, is a lamborghini
thats what I will drive

3. with my family
making me feel real happy
knowing they love me

What my bucket list is
and what are the things i want to do
I want to drive a Lamborghini and
go really fast and show off to people
Another thing I would want to do is to go
I would also want to spend a lot  of time with
my family and do fun things and
go through all the memories we had
and I would tell them that I love them.

Bucket List
  • I would want to drive a lamborghini
  • I would want to go skydiving
  • I would want to shoot a sniper rifle
  • I would want to go into space
  • Would want to have sex with every girl I wanted
  • I would want to fly in a jet
  • I would rob a bank
  • I  will go around messing with people and cops
  • Spend time with my whole family
  • I will beat up everyone who has picked on me before
  • Travel to somewhere that would be relaxing, fun, and nice
  • Do something that seems impossible
  • Go on the biggest roller coasters
  • Go shoot a lot of military weapons
  • Go deep sea diving
  • I would want to go to Washington D.C again
  • I will go to Beverly Hills and just buy stuff, like diamonds and gold
  • I would want to drive really fast on a freeway, but with no cars in the way